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Welcome to our website, where we share high quality 3D content to enhance your gaming experience. Please Join us on Patreon to explore more. '

歡迎您來到我們的網站, 在這裡您可以找到我們為虛擬遊戲所製作的 3D 場景等作品, 若您喜歡我們的創作, 請成為我的會員提早下載我們的最新作品, 謝謝!
Hi, I'm Ruby Red. I am from Taiwan. Welcome to our website. To explore more of our work, please join us on Patreon. 歡迎大家來到我們的網站, 希望大家會喜歡我們所分享的3D作品與場景 ♡ 請勿二次分享與販售我們的作品. 謝謝您!

Comment from Harris

My game is so much more beautiful because of you. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing these lovely creations with us :)

Comment from Francis

Just added this into my game and had to come comment! The deco and design of this is just so lovely. The attention to every little detail is just amazing. I am in awe of your talent. I really love it and can't wait to play in it.

Comment from Teresa

So beautiful, Romantic , And splendid!!!! Wonderful build one of my favorites you are so creative and talented. Thank you

Sims 4 July Beach Wedding Venue + New CC Set


Packs used: Island Living, Cats and Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spa Day, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party Stuff.

*Please enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot

請開啟bb.moveobjects on 密技, 之後再放置用地


★ If you want to change the lot type to "restaurant". Please delete the flower decorations. The food will show up on the table.  
如果您要將用地改為餐廳, 請將花朵裝飾刪除, 

★The plates and cutlery have no footprint, so sims can eat with the plates and cutlery.

★Please click on the "RVSN_Holy_Marchrimony_CandlesHiddenArch" to get married. :)

I placed the lot here:

16 New Items:  包含新物件組


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    1. Hello there, the lot can be purchased on my Patreon:

      Thank you!


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