Modern Boho Tray Files Updated: 2021.07.25

Hello dears,
The sky roof by Daer0n is broken. It causes the sims can't use the dance floors.
Please delete the file name: daer0n skylight shaft 5x5
I have also updated the tray files and changed the roof. Please download the tray files again! Thank you!

哈囉! 如果您在7/25之前有安裝此房屋, 請刪除CC: daer0n skylight shaft 5x5
這會讓小人們無法使用跳舞地板. 我已經更新了房屋檔案 請重新下載喔!

✦ 40 x 30 Lot in Sulani

✦ 3 Bedrooms x 2 Bathrooms 3間臥室與2間衛浴

✦ Big master suite 超大主臥

✦ Full Kitchen, dining space 廚房與用餐區

✦ Big swimming pool 大泳池

✦ Outdoor Jacuzzi  戶外熱水池

*Please enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot
請開啟bb.moveobjects on 密技, 之後再放置用地

Packs used:  使用的資料片:
University, Seasons, Get Famous, City Living, Get Together, Island Living, Realm of Magic, Jungle Adventure, Laundry Day Stuff, Parenthood,
Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Perfect Patio, Backyard Stuff


  1. Okay so I just deleted my tray and mods folder and this just saved my life!!!

  2. Hallo, where do I find this on sims gallery?

    1. Hi, You can download it on my Patreon:

  3. oie, como faço para baixar essa casa?

    1. Hello dear, thank you so much for liking my work. This is my patren exclusive lot. Please join my Patreon and get access to the build here:

  4. So stunning! May I know which filter mods I need to install to have such pretty effect in my game? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I don't use any reshade or any lighting mod in my game. I use photoshop to edit my pictures. The video on youtube is what the house looks like in your game. :) Thank you fo for liking my work. :)

  5. Hi your Patreon won't allow me to pledge 😭 I never had this problem before and have pledged already to other accounts. Please help.

    1. Hi, I am so sorry this is happening. I will contact Patreon Support about the issue. Thank you!


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