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Welcome to our website, where we share high quality 3D content to enhance your gaming experience. Please Join us on Patreon to explore more. '

歡迎您來到我們的網站, 在這裡您可以找到我們為虛擬遊戲所製作的 3D 場景等作品, 若您喜歡我們的創作, 請成為我的會員提早下載我們的最新作品, 謝謝!
Hi, I'm Ruby Red. I am from Taiwan. Welcome to our website. To explore more of our work, please join us on Patreon. 歡迎大家來到我們的網站, 希望大家會喜歡我們所分享的3D作品與場景 ♡ 請勿二次分享與販售我們的作品. 謝謝您!

Comment from Harris

My game is so much more beautiful because of you. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing these lovely creations with us :)

Comment from Francis

Just added this into my game and had to come comment! The deco and design of this is just so lovely. The attention to every little detail is just amazing. I am in awe of your talent. I really love it and can't wait to play in it.

Comment from Teresa

So beautiful, Romantic , And splendid!!!! Wonderful build one of my favorites you are so creative and talented. Thank you

2024.06 - Study Room

■ The bookshelves are available in 3 different heights - short, medium and tall. ■ I also made 2-tile and 3-tile version bookshelves. ■ The set contains 18 new items. 書架我製作了三種高度 適合矮牆  中牆 和高牆 另外有兩格的書櫃與三格的書櫃 此組包含18種新物件 Download  會員下載 [Patreon]

2024. 03 Ice Cream Cafe 2024 冰淇淋物件組

2024.03 Ice Cream Cafe 🍦 Fuctional Coffee Pot  有互動性的咖啡壺 🍦 Fuctional Host Station - Requires "Dine Out" Game Pack   餐廳領班櫃台  需要外出用餐的資料片 🍦 Functional Ice Cream Cart - It has the same function as the street sale table from the City Living-expansion. You can stock homemade ice cream on the table and start a …

2024.01 Rustic Bedroom 美式鄉村臥室

⚠️2024/01/20  UPDATE:   Fix the textures for the fireplaces.  Please download the files again.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  ^^"  修改了壁爐的顏色 不好意思 請再次重新下載!  謝謝您! The set contains:  17 items. ^-^  包含17樣物件 Search "rustic" to find the items in the game. Download  [Patreon]會員優先下載

2023.11 (1) - Tepanyaki grill Set 戶外鐵板燒組

2023.09 (1) - Tepanyaki grill Set *The grills and the food are available in both decorative and functional versions. Click here to download the buyable food and new grill recipes. 戶外烤爐 有裝飾品以及可以用的版本 *The air fryer - Required this mod to be functional:  (you can use this object as decor, without mods)  - icemunmun'…

2023.10. (2) - Wine Country 模擬市民 4 酒莊物件組

I hope you like this dream winery set. The cocktail barrel and cheese plate are functional. Search "wine country" to find the set. Search "cheese" to find the Edible cheese plate. Note ^-^!! The Functional Cocktail Barrel requires Spa Day game pack. 希望大家喜歡這個月的CC  可食用的起司盤以及雞尾酒桶是有互動選項的 起司盤需要Spa Day…

2023.09 S4 Greenhouse 玻璃花房組 Part 1 + Part 2

2023.09  Greenhouse Set: *Diy Greenhouse Set - For decorations only.   Build mode windows and doors, please download Greenhouse Part 1 here: 以上的玻璃花房有裝飾用以及建築模式的門窗兩種  讓您自由組裝! Note:  ^-^!! *The Glass Roof requires Get Together Expansion Pack. The Flower Arranging Ta…

2023.08 Cinderella Carriage

The carriage has the functionality of a armchair. ❤️ 馬車的功能是以單人椅去帶入  因此讓小人坐進去喔! Download: