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若您喜歡我的作品, 請成為我的會員提早下載我的最新作品, 謝謝!
Hi, I'm Ruby Red. I am from Taiwan. Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your stay. Please do not sell / reupload my creations. Thank you ♡ 歡迎大家來到我的網站, 在這裡我將分享我的模擬市民的房屋創作與CC模組, 希望大家會喜歡 ♡ 請勿二次分享與販售我的作品. 謝謝您! 内地朋友们请于爱发电: RUBY RED SIMS工作室 订阅!

Comment from Kiuty

"I can't describe how beautiful and perfect this house is! I always was looking for a perfect mansion as a lover of victorian style but there were always smth that I didn't like. But this....this is just indescribable! I LOVE it! Thank you for your perfect sense of style!"


Comment from Mayliz

"Honestly, I still play the sims 3 but this is really making me want to play the sims 4. This is just unbelievably gorgeous. Like, I feel this tightness in my chest. Is it possible to fall in love with a digital house?"


Comment from Елена

"Ruby, do you know why I consider you the best creator of lots, first of all your works are simply amazing, they are thought out to the smallest detail, you decorate all homes and public areas with such sophistication and attention to detail like no other. "


2022.10 - Sims 4 - Sweet Macaroon Set | Edible and Decor 模擬市民 4 甜蜜馬卡龍組 - 食譜與裝飾品版本


This is my first edible food and I am very happy that it finally succeeded. There are two kinds of macarons, decorative and edible. Choose "cook" in the refrigerator to make Homemade macarons.


※ The recipe requires:  Digital Deluxe Version of the Base Game  需要數位豪華版的主遊戲版本

You need this to have the recipe show up in the game "Crafting Enabler"

To install, place "andrew_craftables.ts4script" in your mod folder.

請注意 必須安裝上面這個MOD: "andrew_craftables.ts4script"  讓食譜出現在遊戲中.  請放置於MOD 夾中
C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Download [early access]

Lots challenge 'Simple Living' Compatible.