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Welcome to our website, where we share high quality 3D content to enhance your gaming experience. Please Join us on Patreon to explore more. '

歡迎您來到我們的網站, 在這裡您可以找到我們為虛擬遊戲所製作的 3D 場景等作品, 若您喜歡我們的創作, 請成為我的會員提早下載我們的最新作品, 謝謝!
Hi, I'm Ruby Red. I am from Taiwan. Welcome to our website. To explore more of our work, please join us on Patreon. 歡迎大家來到我們的網站, 希望大家會喜歡我們所分享的3D作品與場景 ♡ 請勿二次分享與販售我們的作品. 謝謝您!

Comment from Harris

My game is so much more beautiful because of you. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing these lovely creations with us :)

Comment from Francis

Just added this into my game and had to come comment! The deco and design of this is just so lovely. The attention to every little detail is just amazing. I am in awe of your talent. I really love it and can't wait to play in it.

Comment from Teresa

So beautiful, Romantic , And splendid!!!! Wonderful build one of my favorites you are so creative and talented. Thank you

Sims3 - F.A.Q.

Q:  Do you take requests?

A:  I am sorry, I don't take requests.  Thanks for asking!  ^-^

Q:  I wanted to ask you how you do to place objects where they might not normally ...? I already tried with OMSP but I can adjust the height can you give me your secret?

A:   Here are some tips on how to place objects where you want:
1. turn on the cheat: moveobjects on
2. To snap objects to grid: holding down Alt while moving or rotating the object and OMSP.
3. I use shiftable shelves when needed: (for example: If I am going to place some objects on the wardrobe, and there are no slots on it, then I will use the shiftable shelf to place some objects then place the wardrobe to hide the shelf)
4. You can adjust the heights of the objects in painting section and some shelves. Press alt and press up / down arrow on your keyboard to move up and down. or move your mouse to adjust the heights.

Q:  My game keep crashing after install your lot.  Is it because of CC?

A.  I am sorry it is not working for you.  The CC I use works fine in my game.  Many people have installed my houses and works fine on their game. If you have duplicate CC in your package folder or lack of memory may cause crash. If you have time, please read the article about game crash:

Some screenshots of my houses taken by other simmers, please see here:

Sims3 is very unpredictable, so please make a backup of your game folder: “My Documents/EA/the Sims3/DCcache” folder before install my houses, because they are CC heavy. Thank you!

Q:  Your houses won't installed through the launcher?

A:  Hi, a lot of simmers have problem installing Sims3pack through the launcher. 

If you search google you can find a lot of them are complaining about it.

Please read this article:

To get the house to work:

1. Use Sims3Pack Multi Installer: to convert the sims3pack to package files to get the library file for the house and the CC I used.

2. Use Sims3pack Cleaner to identified the library file for the house, The library file is the first package file appeared in Sims3pack Cleaner, write download first file name.

3. Place the library file in C:\Users\i54430627\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims3\Library

4. Place the rest of the package files you just extracted in
C:\Users\i54430627\Documents\Electronic Arts\The sims3\Mods\packages

Note: But if you already have some of the CC I used that installed in your game as sims3pack, it may cause duplicate CC issue and caused your game to crash.

Q: I really want to download the house but my computer wont handle all that CC, what shall I do?

A: Hi, you can use CUSTARD Sims3Pack Cleaner

to delete some of the CC i used in my Coastal Dreams House.
There are thumbnails you can view with this tool.

How to use it?
1. Extract,

2. open the tool. Open Sims3Pack.

3. Click on filename to view the thumbnail.

4. Uncheck stuff you don't want in the resulting file.  Save or Save As.

5. backup your game folder (if anything doesn't go as expected)

6. Install the lot.

7. Load your game

8. Play the lot to see if it goes smoothly.

Q: How would you recommend I install your lots to avoid duplicate cc? Should I just install the sims3pack through the launcher? 

A: Hello dear, thank you so much for liking my houses. When you are installing my houses you can just install them through the launcher so you won’t get duplicate CC, but before you do that you will have to make a backup of your “My Documents/EA/the Sims3/DCcache” folder to somewhere safe ex. your desktop. After you install the house, run your game to see if it runs smoothly. if anything doesn't go as expected you can always paste back the folder to restore your game. If you only use package files in your game you will have to convert the sims3pack house file to packages. Here’s the tool: Sims3Pack Multi Installer If you need the library file, send me a message. Thanks a lot!

Q: When I installed your house the cc did not show up/was not included. Is there any way to fix this?

A: Hi, The cc I used is included in the sims3pack. please "Uncheck" the "run without custom content box" if it is checked. ^-^

Q: Will your lots work without some EP's and store items?

A:  Some objects I used in my houses require particular expansion pack. So I am not sure if you can still install them or not. You can still download the house you want. If you need some of the expansion packs installed, the game launcher will pop up a message to warn you before you install the house and any content you do not have installed will be replaced by in-game objects.

Q: What do you play on?

A:  Windows 7 64-bit, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00 GHZ    RAM: 16GB

Q: What do you use to edit your pictures?

A:  Photoshop CS2 or CS3  and Topaz Vivacity Image Improvement Filters

Q: How to install Custom content lots for Sims 3?

A:  First you will need to patch your game, but before installing the EP/Patch you should:

1. Remove all your mods and cc (especially mods).

2. Make a copy of all your user files (C:\Users\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts)
the whole folder in documents to an external hard drive.

3. Patch your game.

It's absolutely important that you have the latest patch installed, otherwise you will not be able to install custom contents or they won‘t behave as expected in game. Go to the Updates tab in the Game Launcher and patch your game from there.If you have downloaded a lot of Sims3Packs, place them into:

Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads (PC & Mac)

If you downloaded ZIPs or WinRAR, you first need to extract the Sims3Packs from it, then place it in the folder mentioned above.

Start the Game Launcher and go to the Downloads tab. Select the items you want to have in your game and click Install.

Remember to uninstall an item first before you reinstall it.

Q: How to place downloaded houses onto lots in sims 3?

A:  When you play your sims household, click on the options and go to, "Edit town." Make sure to save and then you'll be directed to the town you're playing in. Then you have all three icons from when you started, create a family, housing/community lots, and then and other one. Click on the icon with the house and find the house you downloaded.

Then you can place it on a lot that has a rectangle icon on it. It'll zoom you to it and you can rotate to how you like. Press the accept button when you're done and you'll go back to the town. Now, click on your household home and tell them to move out by phone or computer.

Q: How to place an empty lot in sims 3?
In Edit Town Mode, It'll show you a bunch of different grids that you can place that are sort of the foundation of a lot. Once you've placed the lot, go back to Edit Town and change the lot to the type you want and go into build/buy to place buildings and other items there.

Some tips:
I always make a backup of C:\Users\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\ DCCache folder to my desktop before I install any CC. Everything installed in Launcher can be found in the files in the folder DCCache. There are three types of files in there:
*.ebc: All Store Items
*.dbc: All third party Items
missingdeps.idx: Some cache file that gets recreated when deleted

If things went wrong I can paste back the folder to restore my game.

I use Delphy's Custard to check downloaded sims3packs before I install them.

Useful article: How to get rid of unwanted custom contents

About custom content I used in my lots:
EA Store content used is NOT included, any content you do not have installed will be replaced by the game.

Other custom content I used in my houses is included in the download files.
(In case, I might forget to include one or two objects, please forgive me! thanks!)

Here is the list of custom content websites where I get my cc


  1. This must take alot of time and effort! Do you get paid by EA??!

    1. No, I don't get paid by EA. It really takes me a lot of time, but this is what I love to do. Sharing my work with you! :)

  2. Hi!

    It's been a year or two since I started using ur stunning cc lots...
    they are absolutely gorgeous ♥
    so you mind if I ask about the source of ur inspiration? how do you come up with these nicely done floor plans and exterior designs?
    do you design both of them at the same time? cuz they match very well so I couldn't help but ask ^^'

    (BTW Sorry, English is not my first language)

    1. Hello dear, thank you very much for the compliment and liking my work. I get my inspiration from the real house pictures from Pinterest. When I am designing a home. I gather sources from Pinterset and add my own ideas to make the house the way I want. I usually build the exterior first and then the floor plan. If the room is not big enough, I will adjust the size of the house later. Thanks again for your sweet comment. Sorry, My English is not good. :)

  3. heeey GOD i have tried to look ALL OVER for a way to message you but i cant find any way haha! :,( PLEASE HELP!

    i have downloaded your houses maaany times, and i have no problems with downloading, installing and most of the time, probmlemsolve if i have a problem regarding CC, or anything like that. i have memory on my pc, i have 4G RAM and thats been totally fine, i play both sims 3 and sims 4 and i have ALOT of CC haha...

    i have tried to google this problem but i cant for the life of me find an answer! soo.. i have downloaded most of your SIMS 3 Houses. And there was no problem, as i saw the houses showing up in the library, and with all its CC in them, UNTIL i looked and saw that my FAVOURITE houses was missing!! i tried to remove them and install them again but nope, they dosent show up!! i looked further, and it seems to be all the houses that come with a library file! please help, i cant get whats wrong! my game is updated, there is no problem with anyting else!

    im soooo saaad i dont know whats wrong hahaha :,( is there mabey something wrong i done with the library file? i just put them in the library folder! and then i installed the houses as the others, in the sims 3 launcher... i really hope you can help me, o LOVE and ADORE your work. i have a rather horrible life haha, without going in to much detail, but sims have been my biggest source of happiness and your houses are my favourites in the game! if i ever get some money in my life, i would love to donate a bit to you as thanks <3

    okay sorry for my long text, i can never write stuff short haha, and english is not my firt language so sorry if i write wierd! hope you can help, much love <3

    1. Hi, thank you for contacting me. If you want to contact me, you can find me on my facebook or Instagram.

      About the questions about installing. As I remember, (I haven't opened my sims 3 game for over 4 years). You only need to install it via sims3 Launcher or if you want to install it manually, you need to place the library files in C:\Users\i54430627\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims3\Library

      Either way, you can only choose one. If you have already installed the houses via sims 3 launcher. Please don't place the library files in your folder. I hope I helped. Thank you for liking my work. Happy Holidays. :)


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