April: Glam Penthouse

✦ 30 x 20 Lot

✦ 2 Bedrooms x 2 Bathrooms

✦ Big master suite with a walk-in closet

✦ Full Kitchen

✦ Swimming pool

✦ Outdoor Jacuzzi

✦ Home offices

*Please enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot

請開啟bb.moveobjects on 密技, 之後再放置用地

Packs used: Discover University, Get Famous, City Living, Get to Work, Spa Day

Tray Files Free: 2021/ 09/ 30

New CC set for the Lot: (20 New Meshes)


1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to this amazing house one more time.. gorgeous job.you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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